Hael Saeed Ana’am Group of Companies: A Story of Success [Archives:2002/02/Reportage]

January 7 2002

Emad Al-Saqqaf
Taiz Bureau Chief
Its amazing to know how Hayel Saeed Ana’am could build up his great companies starting from nothing. He started to work with a very simple shop and could in a short period of time form one of the largest commercial and industrial groups in Yemen.
He was a self-made man starting from the beginning and became one of the important founders of the industrial renaissance in Yemen. He was an example of serious investment. He was the emblem of generosity and charity, a source of kindness and sympathy to others.
Undoubtedly, history will record that a man like Hayel was one of the great and noble figures in the Arab World. He was one of those who contributed a lot to the development of their countries in different aspects.
Hayel Saeed Ana’am Group of Companies has been progressing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the industrial leading companies and an example of proper investment of the private sector.
Hayel Saeed, this great man, was not like many other people. He refused to immigrate and leave his country. He preferred to invest his money in his country with the aim of supporting the national economy, alleviating poverty and unemployment, establishing charitable projects serving the society and the country as a whole.
Hayel Saeed Ana’am Group of Companies is a clear-cut example of the progress of the national industries. Despite the big number of foreign products that legally and illegally enter the Yemeni market, the Groups’ products remain the best and have gained consumers’ trust. Many people and families flocked for the exhibitions the Group organized for its products before and during the Holy month of Ramadhan in a number of Yemeni cities, which showed how much such products are in demand.
Unfortunately, the private sector in general does not receive its due attention by the government which should know that encouraging the private sector is the only mean to alleviate poverty in the society. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, imposes additional taxes on the foreign products with the aim of increasing its prices and thus encourage consumers to turn to the national products.
The pioneering Hayel Group has highly been appreciated by economists and researchers. After visiting a number of the Groups factories and plants the Japanese ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Masamitsu Oki said he felt as if he was in Singapore. He added that the Yemeni people could achieve tangible progress if they dealt seriously with their problems.
The Hayel Saeed Group of Companies is not confined to the economic facet only for its also contributing to the cultural, political, social, etc., development. The Hajj Hayel Saeed (May God rest his soul in peace), was a revolutionary figure supporting the Yemeni patriots in their fight for freedom. So did Hajj Ali Mohammed Saeed, who in recognition of his contributions to the success of the Yemeni revolution was appointed minister in the first government to be formed after the revolution.
The al-Saeed Corporation for Science and Culture:
As a part of improving and encouraging culture and knowledge, the Group established the al-Saeed Corporation for Science and Culture which was inaugurated in 2000. The corporation aims at training and educating a generation of specialists, experts and scientists in all aspects of life. The Corporation also comprises a library with more than 30,000 titles and more than 80,000 books and periodicals.
During the first year of its inauguration more than 59010 visitors frequented the library. Every year a good number of Yemeni researchers in all kinds of applied and humanitarian sciences compete for the Hayel Saeed Anaam Prize which the corporation created to encourage Yemeni researchers, intellectuals, etc.
The Hayel Charitable Society
The Hayel Saeed Anaam Charitable Society was founded in 1971 with the aim of spreading the charitable activities. The Society also concentrates on the construction of mosques, schools, etc. and the organization of competitions among the youths, specially with regard to memorizing the Holy Qura’an.
The great work done by the Group is a clear indication of a successful leadership managed by Hajj Ali Mohammed Saeed and Mr. Ahmad Hayel Saeed who will certainly be immortalized in the history of Yemen.