HAIER warehouse burns in Taiz [Archives:2005/812/Local News]

January 31 2005

TAIZ ) Early in the morning of Jan. 23, a large fire erupted at Haier equipment warehouses belonging to Abdul Ghani Ali al-Herwi Company, on Osaiferah Street in Taiz.

Televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and other costly goods were turned to ashes.

The estimated value of the loss is Y.R. 20 million.

The Fire Brigade team ensured that fire did not catch the neighboring commercial places.

Security authorities are investigating.

Some homeless persons used to shelter themselves on the footpaths and in front of the commercial enterprises closed doors, during the Eid holidays.

Many of them used cartons and other flammable plastic materials, during the same period.

Fire crackers in the area were also used by children.