Hail Yemen Times [Archives:2006/983/Community]

September 21 2006

Abdulghani Al-Mansoob
[email protected]

I have been reading your praiseworthy newspaper, Yemen Times , since 1993 during my schooling in high school. I would like to thank you for the great benefits I have gained from your newspaper since 1993 right now. In fact, Yemen Times , provided me with a lot of vocabulary, idioms, expressions, synonyms, antonyms and many things related to English language and its structure. It also let me know many information in many aspects of life such as politics, economy, culture, tourism, sport etc.

Really speaking, when I began to read Yemen Times, I came across so many words and expressions in most of the topics then I managed to consult my dictionary to get the meaning. But due to my regular reading of the newspaper strange words and expressions began to decrease gradually day by day until I finished my university education in 2001.

Now, in spite of becoming a teacher of English and teaching for five years, I really still face some new words which I have not seen before. But because of my background I manage to guess the meaning through the context words used, and sometimes I feel forced to consult my dictionary. That is because Yemen Times deals with all things in our day to day lives not only in the local level but also in the regional and international levels.

Some people in my area in a countryside when greeting me start saying, how are you, Yemen Times?; they say so because they always see me carry and read this newspaper. I actually, although I live and teach in a countryside, get this newspaper through phoning friends of mine, car-drivers, travelers etc by telling them to send me this newspaper. Now I have become an addicted to only reading Yemen Times and not any other newspaper.

Frankly speaking, this is not the first time to writhe in your great newspaper, but in fact, I wrote two articles and they were published. That took place when I was at university of Ibb. But since I live in a village where no facilities found like those in a city. I no more corresponded the newspaper, but I kept continuously reading it. Yemen Times used to be published once a week and now it is being published twice a week, but this does not affect my regular reading and following it twice or even thrice a week.

My dear staff as well as readers of Yemen Times believe me that because of my great love to this newspaper, if l live in a city where facilities like fax , internet etc are existing, then I will be a regular columnist for Yemen Times under the title which I always thing of, reality and reason, and which I preferred to be about politics , but my circumstances do not allow me to do that. However, if circumstances allow me in future, I will proudly do that.

Generally speaking, I am not the first one to praise or thank Yemen Times , rather I think I am the last one. This honorable newspaper received international recognition and praise. It might be needless to my praise but I did so because I would not like to be an ungrateful person. I revealed my appreciation and gratitude to this newspaper to express my feeling towards such a great newspaper from which I gained knowledge and learnt many things.

Finally, I call upon all those who are interested in English language to keep following and reading Yemen Times newspaper so that they can improve and build up their target language. Many thanks to you, Yemen Times staff, for your newspaper. I wish your newspaper all the best, prosperity and success. Go forward. You have come along way indeed.