Haj Hayel Saeed Anam’s Award for Science & Arts:Top-class winners awarded [Archives:2003/636/Community]

May 12 2003
Panel view during the awarding session
Panel view during the awarding session
Farouq Al-Kamali
The al-Saeed Foundation for Science & Culture celebrated last Thursday the distribution of Sixth Round prizes, 2002 at Taiz-based Foundation headquarters.
The medical science prize was given away to Nabeel al-Showafi, a Yemeni citizen.
The literary creation prize was given away to Moshtaq Abbas.
A good number of the Yemeni singers such as, Mohammed Murshed Naji, Ayoub Taresh Absi, Mohammed Hamoud al-Harethi were given the foundation's coat of arms in appreciation to their cultural and artistic participation during the past years.
The Taiz-based Al-Thaqafia weekly newspaper has been also honored for its dynamic and active role in disseminating cultural Yemeni life.
During the event which was attended by scientists, authors, and a good number of academicians and journalists, Mr. Abdulwasa'e Hayel Saeed Ana'am delivered a speech, stressing the need to associate culture to development.
On behalf of the Prize's Board of Trustees, Mr. Ali Mohammed Saeed An'am welcomed the participants and highlighted the aim of awarding prizes as serving the Arab and Yemeni culture, heritage as well as supporting and encouraging talents in culture, arts and scientific research.
“A keen interest has been paid by the foundation to disseminate, support and give a hand to researchers in order to promote the scientific research in our country,” he noted.
On his part, Mr. Hisham Ali bin Ali, the deputy of the culture ministry emphasized private institutions' role in the cultural arena.
“One of the ultimate goals of the cultural developments is the active participation of those institutions in order to map out a comprehensive culture policies and plans,” Mr. Hisham said.
The literary creation winner, Dr. Moshtaq Abbas, an Iraqi prize winner told the Yemen Times that the Hayel Saeed Ana'am prize is one of the biggest prizes granted to Yemenis and non-Yemenis in the country.
“I feel a proud of the prize because too much fuss is made over the prize and that it is awarded to Yemenis only, but the opposite has proved to be true,” Mr. Abbas commented.
The Prize's Board of Trustees is based on scientific, highly professional standards.
It is to be mentioned here that the Hayel Saeed Ana'am prize is granted annually to distinguished eminent professors, researchers in the field of science, medicine, society, economy, literary creation prize and environmental science prize.
The Hayel Saeed Ana'am prize has been estimated at YR. one million for each winner.
Mr. Faisal Saeed Fara'e, the Al Saeed Foundation for Science & Culture Chairman has announced the prize nomination for the coming round.