Half a million to take exams that would have them pass to new levelsExam season starts [Archives:2003/642/Community]

June 19 2003

On last Saturday around 300,000 9th grade students throughout the country started their final exams for the academic year 2002/2003 to pass to secondary schools. The students were distributed to 3,074 exam centers around Yemen.
Distributed over 10,361 examination centers, around 203,000 12th grade students from both science (113,730 students over 720 examination centers) and arts (89,080 students over 641 examination centers) are to have their high school exams starting June 21.
A source at the Ministry of Education stated that all equipments and preparations have been arranged for the exams to take place in a proper way, making use of the experience gained during the past years so as to produce a satisfactory exams season for this year.