Hamas Movement condemns Arafat’s statement [Archives:2004/750/Local News]

June 28 2004

An official at the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas issued the following statement:
The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) expresses its great astonishment and condemnation to the statements of Mr. Yasser Arafar to Zionist “Harts” newspaper, which consisted of very serious stances that represented new concessions added to the registry of concessions Mr. Arafat has been presenting until now since 1974.
The statement of Mr. Arafat means the following:
1- Granting “The Zionist entity”, the “Jewish characteristic”, which means legitimizing the displacement of Palestinians in the future because they are not Jews.
2- Accepting the impracticality of the return of the Palestinian refugees to their lands, and therefore praising the Geneva Document which dismisses their right to return and subsequently eliminating one of the pillars of the Palestinian case.
3- Declaring the readiness to present more land concessions in the West Bank on the pretext of “Exchange of lands”.
4- Recognition of the Zionism dominance of the so-called “Wailing Wall”, meaning (Al-Baraq Wall).
Mr. Arafat is mistaken if he thinks that more concessions will lead to any change in the Zionism policy. On the contrary, the more concessions the more demanding Zionism becomes. We confirm that no one has the right to give any concessions on the Palestinian people's primary rights.