Handicapped Demand their Plot of Land [Archives:2000/18/Local News]

May 1 2000

In a memorandum addressed to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussain Al-Ahmar, parliament speaker, chairman and members of the Handicapped society appealed to interfere and restore their piece of land located in Mathbah, Sana’a. The piece of land was seized by one of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussain Al-Ahmar’s sons. ”We have all the documents and verdicts that ascertain our ownership over this land,” the society officials said. They also added that the piece of land was granted to them by a benevolent to build a training center and housing section for the handicapped.
It is worth noting that incidents of seizing properties of the society, including the handicapped and the blind, have increased these days. Some weeks ago the Ministry of Insurance confiscated a piece of land belonging to the blind. When the blind tried to protest, they were severely beaten up by the security of the Ministry. The authority seems to turn deaf.