Handicraft exhibition’s proceeds to help charities [Archives:2007/1028/Local News]

February 26 2007

Fatima Al-Ajel
The International Women's Association arranged the first exhibition for Yemeni and foreign handicrafts on Thursday at the Yemeni Education and Relief organization YERO, in an effort to help charitable associations in Yemen. Many Yemeni and foreign organizations, businesswomen, and children from theYERO participated in the exhibition.

Gillian Roberts, member of IWA, said it is the first time such an exhibition for handicrafts was arranged. The preparations for the exhibition took a month-and-a-half, for things such as inviting different organizations, embassies, schools and charitable foundations to participate in the show, Roberts added.

The exhibition's profits will be given to women's and children's charities and recreational foundations which are interested in educational activities, Roberts said.

Jamilah Othman, the sewing trainer in Al-Rahmah foundation for orphans said it is good chance to participate in such an exhibition.

Yemeni foundations also took part in the event to help Yemeni families. Eman Al-Anesi, the manager of Al-Adal Foundation stated that about 35 producers and more than 60 trainees work in the foundation, and its profits are used as private supporting for the foundation and the producers' families as well.

Nadia Sami, a Yemeni businesswoman, and Misun Baek, an American artist, said they came to participate in the exhibition as they are very interested in the event. They came to show and sell their prize-winning creations.

“This is the second time I'm participating as a private business. I had participated in the Japan festival in 2005 as the first woman from Yemen,” Sami said. Baek participated in exhibiting Yemeni paintings and heritage feature boards.

Nouri Naji, director of YERO, said she is glad to see different organizations and foundations gather in her center for charitable deeds. “It is the first time for us to have such activities in the center, and I hope to arrange more of such activities in the future.”

Children from YERO also took part by using cardboard to design traditional Yemeni tower houses. Piasher Al-Thabibei, 15 years a trainee at YERO participated in the exhibition in designing Yemeni buildings by using cartons. Hanan Al-Matari and Abdullah Al-Haimai worked together in painting and photographing arts. “We prepared for the exhibition three months ago