Has Adam’s Crime Any Political Dimension? [Archives:2000/30/Focus]

July 24 2000

Records police departments and courts are crowded many kinds of crimes, some are decided and others are still awaiting their turn to be looked into. Among all, no crime has captured the public opinion’s attention and aroused their anger as the recent crime staged at the College of Medicine, Sana’a University. I can attribute this to the following reasons:
– The mystery surrounding the crime’s motivations. Some analysts connect the crimes to a prostitution ring while others seem to be sure that they are part of activities of a well-organized racket trading with human body parts. Both ratiocinations are based on the accused’s confessions.
– The ambiguity surrounding the disappearance of Zainab and the mother’s tireless attempts to find her.
-The contradictory and conflicting confessions of the accused which have risen a number of eyebrows. One would wonder if it was an attempt to reveal to the public the chaotic state prevalent in the University?
– Other reasons are connected to the stage of the crime, motivations and the examples of victims, hence they are girl students, why were only girls?
The case is still engulfed with ambiguity. The fabricated stories of the appearance of Nada and Ayishah have resulted in more complications. However, the crimes have been clear to have political dimensions which newspapers have neglected. Hossn’s father struggled and has been swimming against the tide of conventions and traditions of the tribe by sending his daughter to university. He wanted to do a miracle to the tribe to change the attitude of tribesmen towards girls’ education. Unfortunately, before Hossn could achieve this goal she was killed by Adam who killed this dream with her. Unfortunately, there are people who helped Adam kill this dream by calling for keeping women at home. Such people attributed the crime to co-education system and unveiling women’s faces. Some newspapers stressed that the whole case was related to prostitution activities. Does that mean that the university has turned to be a kind of a ” brothel”, involving teachers, and students? Many parents forced their daughters to discontinue studying out of fear of a new Adam.
These crimes might be part of a series of previous crimes which happened in the past few years like kidnapping incidents, the attempt to kill the Minister of Interior in Al-Gawf, the murder of Lina Abdul Khaleq, the case of girl students’ apartments in Sana’a and others.
Hashem Al-Azazi