Hashem Ali, innovator admired by others [Archives:2004/764/Last Page]

August 16 2004
Photo from archived article: photos/764/lastpage1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/764/lastpage1_1
Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
An exhibition of the plastic artist, Hashem Ali Abdullah, was inaugurated on Sunday – 8th August 2004 at the Book Bureau. This plastic exhibition was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture & Tourism, Khaled al-Rowaishan, and contained over 35 artistic paintings, distinguished by their innovative depiction of the Yemeni's simple life and daily details. The paintings reflect the details and the Yemeni's peculiarities; his outputs and his insistence on living and struggling. The artist's nature is comes across in his paintings; they are the expressive paintings of an innovative artist, who in spite of his humility, provides sufficient enough expression for study and reflection upon the Yemeni community's idiosyncrasies. The artist could also display his paintings in festivals for dresses, crafts, trades and talents. His work, embodies the social atmosphere which characterizes the Yemeni, in addition to a portrait capturing the form of Yemeni architecture. The artistic show consisted of paintings that have previously occupied prominent positions in international exhibitions.
The artist Hashem is enjoying the experience of a high public profile, now being considered as one of the plastic art movements pioneers, at the local, regional and international level. Additionally, he is enjoying major and prominent contributions in editing and preparing many of the cadres and young innovative talents in the plastic art line. He was born in 1945 in Hadhramaut town, speaks English fluently and has participated in more than 45 collective exhibitions in Yemen and abroad. He also owns 17 private exhibitions internally.
He has won many medals and certificates of appreciation; he maintains many activities and has worked as a consultant to the national museum of Taiz, as well as practicing carving art on woods and plaster. He has also designed many book covers, printed materials, and he is a founder member of the Yemeni plastic artists Syndicate since 1997. He really is innovative, and well deserving of interest and admiration.