Hayel & Apollo to run Yemen’s biggest hospital [Archives:2007/1027/Local News]

February 22 2007

TAIZ, Feb. 21 ) The Hayel Saeed Group of Companies and the Indian Apollo Medical Group signed an agreement in the Indian city of Hyderabad to run the General Medical Complex in Taiz, which was previously administrated by the Hayel Group. The complex is considered the largest medical institution in Yemen. It was constructed by world consultative construction firms.

Shawki Ahmad Hayel, member of the Hayel group, said the total cost of the hospital, due to be opened in September 2007, exceeds $25 million, its area is 150 thousand square feet and it will be equipped with 200 beds.

He confirmed that the group is committed to offering distinctive medical services to compete with the biggest Arab hospitals. The medical institution will be supplied with the most modern medical equipment, and experienced and skilled staff and administrators.

One of the hospital's aims is to be able to conduct highly complicated operations and help patients avoid any of the great costs associated with travelling abroad for treatment.

With regard to the agreement, Hayel said, “The aim is to improve the quality of medical service in the hospital via the help of specialized firms with good experience in managing medical institutions”.