Hayel Saeed Awards Announced [Archives:1999/15/Local News]

April 12 1999

Ali Mohammed Saeed, Chairman of the Hayel Saeed Group of Companies, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Hayel Saeed Awards for Sciences and Arts, held a press conference on Sunday, April 11th. “I am happy to announce the decision of the academic committees for the studies which competed for the prizes and awards for 1998,” he said.
The committees found that none of the studies presented for the five fields for which prizes are awarded were up to the standards required. Therefore, some honorary awards were given to the following people:
1. Medical Award:
Each of the following scientists were awarded a prize of YR 200,000:
a: Salim Mohammed Ba-Najeh,
b: Ali Mohammed Al-Sabri,
c: Mohammed Taha Al-Maqtari.
2. Agri-Environmental Award:
A YR 200,00 prize was awarded to Dr. Abdul-Rahman Ali Mohammed Thabet.
3. Economic Award:
A YR 200,000 prize was awarded to Mohammed Abdul-Rasheed Zumailan.
4. Humanities/Social Studies:
A YR 500,000 prize was awarded
to Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Abdullah As-Selwi.
5. Islamic Studies Award:
A YR 200,000 prize was awarded to each of the following:
a: Ismail Bin Ibrahim Attayeb,
b: Abdulaziz Sultan Al-Mansoob,
c: Abdul-Karim Sharaf Fare’.
Many officials and academicians attended the event.