Hayel Sa’eed Charity celebrates 13th Quran memorization batch [Archives:2005/882/Local News]

October 3 2005

The annual celebration of the 13th batch of Quran memorization graduates was held at Al-Sa'eed Mosque in Usaifirah Zone, Taiz city, on Thursday Sept 29, 2005.

The celebration was organized by the Charitable Establishment of Hayel Sa'eed An'am and Co Group.

Many speeches were delivered on the occasion by scholars and governmental officials expressing the positive role of the Charitable Society of Hayel Sa'eed An'am which is manifest in constructing and serving mosques, sponsoring orphans and widows and helping patients.

Sheikh Ali Mohammed Sa'eed delivered a speech on behalf of the Charitable Society of Hayel Sa'eed An'am and Co Group. He indicated that there are some 218 Quran schools founded by the Charitable Establishment of Hayel Sa'eed An'am and Co around the country. some 120 males and 182 females have memorized the Quran by virtue of these schools and they are excellent reciters of the holy text. He said that the Charitable Establishment makes sure to provide such schools with excellent teachers to ensure quality education which is evident in the high qualification of the graduates some of whom have been accredited internationally.

“Some of our graduates are reciting Quran for al-Fajr Satellite Channel, are on the President Award Arbitration Board and are selected by the Ministry of Endowment to compete at international Quran recitation contests,” he said.

He pointed out the traits that should characterize a Quran student such as integrity and devotion as well as application of what he bears in his hear so that peace and fraternity prevail and the nation of moderation and middle-of-the-roadism is realized – a nation that does not accept extremism, fanaticism, violence and terrorism.

At the end of his speech, Sheikh Mohammed Sa'eed thanked the President of the Republic for his interest in supporting Quran schools. He also congratulated the Yemeni people on the national festivals and the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

Later, graduation certificates and financial awards were presented to the graduates by Mohammed al-Hayajim, Deputy Taiz Governorate, Sheikh Ali Mohammed Sa'eed, Chairman of Al-Sa'eed Group Board of Directors, Dr. Ahmed Hayel Sa'eed, Deputy Chairman of Al-Sa'eed Group Board of Directors and the representatives of the Ministry of Guidance and Endowment in the presence of a congregation of scholars and businessmen.