Hayel Society graduates new batch of students [Archives:2003/680/Local News]

October 27 2003

Taiz, Oct 25 – Last Thursday, the Hayel Saeed Anaam Society for teaching Quran has graduated its 11th batch of students who learned the Quran by heart. The graduates are among 3,500 students studying at the society's schools in Taiz and Aden, and who are taught by 170 teachers. So far, the graduates of those schools reached 229, and who all know the Quran by heart. The qualifying courses held so far reached 41 courses for 1,288 students.
During the graduation ceremony, which included readings of the Quran of various graduates, Mr. Abduljabbar Hayel Saeed, said in his speech, “I hail the society for its role in qualifying teachers through 42 courses and allowing 1,288 students to benefit greatly.”
He mentioned the society's role in combating illiteracy besides its role in teaching Quran. “Those mothers who benefited from the illiteracy classes have reached 736” he said. He also added that almost half of those mothers have learnt the Quran by heart and probably the first batch of them will graduate soon.
It is worth noting that the society had in the past participated through its graduates in several international competitions in Quran and have demonstrated great abilities as many of them have gained awards in competitions held in Cairo Dubai, Malaysia, apart from winning the major prizes in the competition of the President of the Republic for the youth and the national TV's Ramadan Quran competition.
The first batch ever to graduate from the society graduated in the academic year 1989/90 while the founder, late Hayel Saeed Anaam was still alive, and he even made sure he witnesses the graduation ceremony.
Ever since then, the society continued to grow to the level it reached today.