Hazib requests Quranic Schools not become politicized [Archives:2004/705/Local News]

January 22 2004

Hussein Hazib, Taiz Governorate's Education Office General Manager, has recently reiterated the need to review the status quo of Quranic Schools, to make them abide by their destined religious goals, and not to become a subject of contention amongst political parties.
This declaration was voiced during his meeting Jan. 14 at the Department of Quranic Teaching Department.
He added that such schools are a serious matter and should not be a subject of political outbidding for purposes averse to the Almighty.
He categorically refused the involvement of political parties in this, indicating that Quran is everybody's constitution without any exception, and that the teacher and supervisor of the subject should be responsible enough.
He affirmed that the correction should be introduced within two months of the meeting whereafter the department shall submit lists of schools, excluding pretentious ones, as well as lists for qualified tested teachers and supervisors who are in compliance with the set norms.