Head  of The General Athletics Federation: “This marathon is open for all sportspeople.” [Archives:1998/27/Sports]

June 6 1998

The Yemen Times met Mr. Fouad Mohammed Al-Komeim, the head of the General Athletics Federation (YAF), who talked about the activities of the federation and the preparations for the Sanaa Fifth Marathon, which is to be held next Tuesday at the Sabeen field.
Mr. Omar Koweiran, the head of the Media Committee, filed the following interview:
Q: Could you tell us about your activities especially the preparations for the Sanaa Fifth Half Marathon?
A: YAF has participated in many activities and organized several championships on official and public occasions, in addition to the regular championships in corporation with other authorities.
The Sanaa Fifth Half Marathon was first held in 1994 for the President’s cup. It is an annual activity held to celebrate the anniversary of the unification of Yemen. In this 21-km marathon is important because it is open for all sportspeople.
Q: Has the private sector assisted YAF in financing this marathon?
A: The private sector has played a considerable role towards these activities. Many companies and establishments have made great contributions. The 1994 marathon was sponsored by the Red Sea Flour Mills, the 1995 marathon by Al-Salam Trading Company, the 1996 marathon was sponsored by Al-Yemda Airlines, the 1997 marathon by Kodak-Zabara, this year’s marathon is sponsored by Yemenia Airlines.
Q: What are the participating countries?
A: YAF has invited many Arab countries, some of them accepted the invitation such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Syria. Saudi Arabia and the UAE apologized for not participating.
Q: Are there any other racing events in addition to the half marathon?
A: There are various races such as the road 10 km race and the junior 3 km race. As I said this is an open marathon.
Q: Does your association intend to organize a pan-Arab championship?
A: The YAF aims to hold an Arab championship under the theme ” The Yemeni Unification is the Nucleus of an Arab Unification”.