Health care facilities closed down in Sana’a [Archives:2008/1206/Local News]

November 10 2008

Almigdad Mojalli
SANA'A, Nov.7 ) The Office of Public Health and Population in Sana'a has closed down 12 out of a total of 53 health care facilities in the district of Sanhan and Bani Bahlool after its inspection campaign there this week. The campaign targeted clinics, pharmacies, medicine storage facilities and health care centers.

Most of the violations are related to licensing and smuggled medicines. A few others were related to unsuitable buildings which don't have ventilation, elevators and narrow rooms.

According to Dr. Abdulghani Faraj, the manager of the Office of Public Health Care and Population, of the 53 health care facilities inspected, 12 were closed down and 13 were recalled to the office for investigation and hence are given a chance to renew the licenses or adhere by the requirements within one month. Many of the concerned pharmacies were given a one-month warning to renew their working licenses and execute the office's instructions, while others were fined a maximum of YR 5,000 for having smuggled small quantities of medicine into their stores.

Farah mentioned that the medicines are antibiotics and they were just smuggled not out of date or represent danger to people. He affirmed that the quantity is very small and doesn't exceed five small packets. “We know the smuggled medicine by the name of the agent company. If we don't find the name of the agent