“Health Care in Least Developed Countries: The Experience in Yemen” Inaugurated [Archives:2001/10/Local News]

March 5 2001

The Ministry of Health inaugurated last Wednesday the “Health Care in Least Developed Countries: The Experience of Yemen” by Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah A. Wali Nasher at the Taj Sheba Hotel.
The 192-page book’s preface was written by Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Iryani highlighting the development process of health services throughout the last 30 years in the urban as well as rural areas.
The book consists of 6 chapters, namely: Introduction, Yemen’s Experience According to the General Health Indicators, Current Challenges, The Need for Reform and Child and Maternal Health.
In the first chapter the author depends on statistics and indicators as to give a general idea about the spread of poverty in rural and urban places, average per capita, etc. The second chapter elaborately deals with the health situation of the country since the 1970s with comparisons of people’s expenditure on health in the past and now. The current challenges facing the public health, average of people visiting First Aid Centers and an assessment of the quality of health services being offered are dealt with the third chapter. In the 4th and 5th chapters the importance of decentralization was focused on as a means of reforming all health sectors in the Republic. They also include a strategy to reform the health sector and the 2001 Report on what has been so far accomplished in the first phase of the Reform Program. The last chapter deals with the child and maternal health and the dangers mothers are prone to during pregnancy, etc. By Ismael Al-Ghaberi