Health development, between reality and population needs [Archives:2004/741/Business & Economy]

May 27 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Health development is among the important areas connected to economy and population, but the reality in Yemen is still in need of more plans to convey and extend health services to rural areas in particular.
Figures indicate that so far Yemen has achieved 527 health projects at a cost of over YR 6 billion and expanded the network of health services and raising the level of covering health services for the population. The figures also indicate that concerned health parties are heading for accomplishment of 672 new health units and 269 health centers by the year 2005, reduction of fatality rate and raising the age level medium to 63 years as well as reduction of rate of contagious diseases.
The ministry of health has adopted a national strategy for reforming the health sector that is to be implemented in two stages; the first in the districts and governorates and the second to include generalization of the system of health regions. The strategy aims at fighting epidemic diseases and malnutrition, improving preventive services, developing human resources and providing new medicines from local industries.
The Yemeni strategic vision has dealt with keenness on modernization and enhancement the situations of the health sector in parallel to increasing population growth, especially in the countryside.
The proportion of health coverage in 2002 has reached at 56% and in 2003 to 58%. Government efforts are maintained to achieve successful and positive results in the health sector particularly concerning the endemic diseases, including malaria bilharzias and tuberculosis.
Figures also mention that Yemen has traversed a long distance in combating infantile paralysis and it is implementing significant health programs supported by donors for the sake of improving population health and upgrading levels of people living and health conditions.
Health efforts also are aimed at providing convenient climate for the
Health system success and concentration on health protection against diseases as well as providing health care services for the society.
Concerned parties are therefore planning and supervising the implementation of health units in order to upgrade health services and consolidate cooperation and coordination among various parties. Hence appears the importance of developing population health for ensuring healthy people participating in administrating Yemeni economy in a creative strength and healthily sound.