Health foundation to be kicked off [Archives:2003/642/Local News]

June 19 2003

A scientific foundation specialized in medical studies and researches is to be kicked off soon in Sana'a. Dr. Ahmed Noman head of the proposed health establishment said Thursday that preparations were under way to open it.
This institution aims basically at encouraging and preparing and organizing studies and researches on medicinal activities and finding convenient environment for the creative specialized persons in medical and health sciences. The foundation also aims at disseminating and developing medical branches of knowledge among the employees in the medical field as well as raising awareness among the society members.
Dr. Noman,said that “Manar Foundation for scientific studies and medical researches” was supposed to be announced two months ago, however, the postponement was in order to coincide the publishing the first edition of “Manar of the medical forum” that would be published in June the second as a specialized health and medicine magazine.