Health Ministry Drug Stores on Fire [Archives:2000/22/Local News]

May 29 2000

A fire erupted in the health ministry drug stores last week . Four civil defense workers had suffered from suffocation and were rushed to hospital for treatment.
The fire devoured large quantity of medicines, the loss of which is estimated at YR 3 million in addition to material damage.
Yemen Times learned from ministry sources that the fire started first in a hangar of wood used in construction of the fourth floor of an additional building next to the ministry.
Putting out the fire took a long time because firemen were not able to get in and use the fire extinguishers because of fierceness of fire.
“Al-Quds Al-Arabi” Correspondent Harassed
Al-Quds Al-Arabi correspondent in Yemen, Khalid Al-Hamadi was detained last Wednesday 24 May 2000 by the Secretariat Criminal Investigation officers for an hour when he was photographing the demonstration of Sana’a university students protesting Mohammed Adam’s crimes, a sudanese national used to work at Sana’a university as a morgue assistant who committed 16 crimes of killing, raping and mutilating their bodies.
In his statement, Al-Hamadi said that his camera worth $ 800 was broken by criminal investigation’s officers when they angrily and negligently grabbed it from his hand and tried to take the film out of it by force.
Al-Hamadi also said that he went to demonstration site assembled in front of the premiership in Sana’a. He tried to take some photos. However, he was attacked by security men who prevented him from doing so, trying to take his camera. A political security officer present at the site interfered and calmed things down, advising him not to take pictures until he got permission. After half an hour, he received an official permission from the Ministry of Information. When he started to take some pictures, he was again attacked by officers from the criminal investigation office who took his camera.