Health review coming [Archives:2006/979/Local News]

August 7 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 6 ) The health sector will undergo a review of their work over the past seven years.

The Ministry of Health and NGOs working in the health and population sector, was held yesterday in the ministry of health will conduct the health sector review over the next seven months.

“The necessary preparations have been done during the past couple of months, which lead to finalization of a proposal for the review by stakeholders,” said Health Policy Unit Coordinator Jamal Nasher.

The proposal estimates a tentative budget over 30 million rials to cover the cost of the review.

The Ministry of Health and Population insisted on conducting a review of the health sector with they signed the “Joint statement for Harmonization and Alignment in the Health Sector” last December.

“There are several reasons for conducting the review at this moment of time, one is the government's endorsement of the third five-year health development plan which constitutes the framework for health planning as well as containing policies and strategies for execution,” remarked Nasher, referring to the government's five-year plan of all sectors.

Representatives from embassies and NGOs and the Ministry of Health agreed to hold another meeting to get feedback of the proposal.

“The ministry presents this proposal for the review to its development partners and ambitiously looks forward to them supporting this process, which will assist in achievement of joint aims and objectives,” Nasher said.