Health workers are striking [Archives:2004/764/Local News]

August 16 2004

Health workers in the Taiz Governorate are threatening a general strike because of a delay in paying their salaries on time i.e. at the end of each month, as they have not received their salaries and it is already the 10th of the current month August whereas they are committed to feed their children and families. To this, the Technical and Medical Professions Syndicate have addressed a memorandum on this effect to the Judge, Ahmed Abdullah al-Hejri, Governor of Taiz, in which it demanded the execution of the Civil Service Law, to pay salaries on time, in compliance with Article (65) para. (b) of the executive regulations. They hold the Governor as the first responsible person for this, in Taiz, and asked him to pass his instructions to the concerned authority to pay the salaries in accordance with the law.
In fact, the Syndicate has delayed this workers strike since 21st July 2004 but threatened to resume the strike, which it says is forced upon it by the concerned authority which hinders the payment of the workers payment in time. Some have claimed that delay in handing salaries is meant for cutting them. They called for putting an end to these “farces”.