Health workers trained [Archives:2002/41/Local News]

October 7 2002

The Yemeni-German project for productive health, sponsored by the GTZ, has organized on October 6, a training course for health workers in the governorate of Mareb.
The training course, in cooperation with the Childhood and Motherhood Office in Mareb, was attended by 32 trainees. It trained health workers in identifying the training needs for provinces.
Mrs. Naifa Ahmed Khuziem, member of the permanent team of the governorate, said the course aimed to educate the participants on the ways of identifying the training needs and they, in turn, will train other health staff in the rural areas how to fight epidemic diseases like diarrhea and malaria.
The supportive team of the governorate, in cooperation with GTZ and health office of Mareb held many training courses earlier this year with a plan to qualify the health workers in Mareb.