Healthy phenomena [Archives:2003/665/Community]

September 4 2003

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
We had been so deeply involved with our work during the boom period that we had completely forgotten about our social and human relations. To be more precise, all of us were in a race against the time having a target, which was nothing but money. Our talk would always center on money, candies, construction, investments and commission, the entire society was converted into slaves of money. The period with it merits and demerits, is over now and in view of the prevailing circumstances, I can say that our society is now taking the right direction towards stability. When a university graduate comes to you and agrees to accept any job, it indicates a healthy phenomenon, especially if we know that in the past, the same graduate would insist on being offered a post. Moreover, attention to his job is also a healthy phenomenon. In the past, the worker who might be in any position would believe that he was superior to his employer and deserved a higher status. It is also a healthy phenomenon, to see our youth occupying various jobs in the private sector, which were earlier filled by expatriates, making the private sector desperate about the future of Yemeni youth. Evidently, it is a new and correct trend. There is no country on the surface of the earth whose sons disdain to take up ordinary jobs. In Switzerland, which is an advanced country in terms of education economy and culture, we find that a Swiss is willing to be a driver, a mason and even a laborer. This is also applicable to Japanese, Germans, French and others.
In fact, any job that brings incomes to a person enables him to meet his requirements and lead an honorable life is far better than idleness. It is also better than to be dominated by the dream “I hope I will be”. The history of great leaders and big businessmen shows that their great deeds and efforts were the results of working with patience, determination and dedication. In our country, many opportunities are open for the Yemeni graduates produced in large numbers by local and foreign universities. I wish to see our society once again as it was in the past when all handicrafts were run by our own people. Local hands built our houses and the best and most delicious dishes in restaurants were served by local hands. In the past, our society has a special taste.