Heat wave kills eight people in Aden [Archives:2007/1061/Local News]

June 18 2007

ADEN, June 19 ) Aden governorate, located on the Aden Gulf to the south of Yemen, witnessed an intense wave of heat wherein it reached over 44 and killed eight people. These cases were recorded on Monday and early Tuesday, according to sources in Al-Jumhuri and Al-Wahdah hospitals.

The victims, mostly elderly people, who were admitted to the state hospitals losing consciousness, died as soon as they reached the hospitals. They could not bear the heat, partly by their chronic illnesses and the continuous cuts of electricity that also caused damages to their electrical equipments.

Cuts of electricity come at a time when students are doing their secondary, primary, and university exams. And most people complain of such intermittent cuts because they prevent them from sleeping.

Meanwhile, a bomb explosion in some feed pipes of Al-Mansoura electrical station caused light damages, which were restored later by technicians.