Heated Debates on Democracy and its Hurdles [Archives:2000/23/Front Page]

June 5 2000

The seminar on Democracy and Its Hurdles organized by the YSP in the Capital Secretariat yesterday aroused a heated controversy among its participants.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Motawakel and Ahmad Al-Kebsi were enraged by a paper presented by head of the Islah office, Mr. Mohammed Qahtan. The paper centered on controlling the public wealth as well as military positions by a specific tribal class which rejects participation of others.
Heated arguments were also aroused against a paper presented by Dr. Fares Al-Saqqaf who criticized the role of the opposition on the ground.
Other papers were presented by Abdul Malik Al-Mikhlafi, Jarallah Omar, Dr. Mohammed Abdul Malik Al-Mutawakel, Mohammed Al-Maqaleh, Advocate Hizam Al-Mahbashi, Mohammed Ahmad Qasem, Abdul Wahed Al-Muradi, Qaderi Ahmad Haidar and Abdullah Abdul Rahman Haidar.
The seminar was attended by a number of secretary generals of the parties, academicians and researchers. Mohammed Qahtan as well as Dr. Fares Al-Saqqaf’ papers will be published next week.