Helps the local economyEid is a boom for Aden [Archives:2003/691/Community]

December 4 2003

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
During the last few days of the Holy month of Ramadhan, and Eid Alfitr, Aden received more than 250,000 visitors from the various governorates of the Republic, as well as from the neighboring countries who came to enjoy its lovely beaches, parks and moderate weather conditions.
Hotels recorded higher occupancy rates than expected and the city witnessed unsurpassed cleaning activities.
Fadhl Al-Hilali, general manager of Aden Hotel, indicated the rush to get booked into his hotel started in the middle of Ramadhan.
“We were still receiving calls for reservations even during the Eid holidays from all governorates of the Republic”, he said.
Aden Hotel organized several activities to enhance the Eid occasion for its occupants and the visitors of Aden which included special parties for children.
Waleed Anwar, Director of Sales & Marketing at Aden Sheraton Hotel, said: “We did not expect that Aden would witness this volume of tourist activity. This was an important improvement in domestic tourism which records set for occupancy for hotels.”
He indicated that he had seen visitors enjoying themselves at beaches, parks, and market places, which witnessed livelier activities since the latter part of Ramadhan adding that this was the first time he spent the Eid holidays in Yemen, especially in Aden. He enjoyed the characteristics of tourism in Yemen in terms of heritage, lovely sceneries and warm beaches, and said: “Yemen is a beautiful country with a more beautiful weather varying from one governorate to another which makes it a tourist country all year round.”
Aidaroos Obaid, general manager of Royal Concord Hotel, said: “It is nice to see all beaches, parks, hotels, restaurants and markets so crowded with visitors of Aden. It is also nice to see children and their families from all governorates so happy while enjoying this holiday in Aden, and other coastal governorate such as Al-Hodaidah and Al-Mukalla.” He complimented the cleaning and repairs activities that preceded the holidays, which “made the city even more attractive”.

Social development
Meanwhile, Aden's Social Development Fund is making plans for part of the $400 million to be used in a strategy to alleviate poverty in Yemen.
The national program, entering its third phase, will run to 2008.
A report of the fund's strategic plan indicates that the third phase aims at developing human resources in the context of social and economic development, strengthening cooperation with government institutions working in social fields, and supporting the authorities of Local Councils in planning and implementing projects.
The plan will prioritize projects that serve females by involving them in the activities of the fund, and it will develop the existing sectors in the fields of education, water, health and training.
The report indicated that between 1997 and 2002, the fund executed 1,824 projects in all directorates of Yemen, at a total cost of $130 million.
The report pointed that average completion exceeded 100 in the governorates of Hadhramout, Sana'a, Aden, Mihweet, and Maharah.