Hezbollah member in Sana’a [Archives:2006/978/Local News]

August 4 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 3 ) Hezbollah has a stronghold throughout the Arab region and Yemen has shown it's support, said a member of the Hezbollah political office who was in Sana'a.

A public demonstration, organized by the Joining Committee for Resistance Support (JCRS), invited Mohammed Al-Mulla, of Hezbollah, as well as number of Arab intellectuals and Yemeni politicians.

The demonstration started at the Kana`an Association for Palestine, in Haddha, and marched to the Resistance Tent, on Lebanon Street.

Al-Mulla commended the Yemeni stance for the resistance before and after the Israeli aggression. He insisted Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah because its borders are spread throughout the Islamic World. He said the recent war was an important turn in the Arabic and Israeli conflict. “It exposed the weakness of the Israeli forces