High achieving students to be awarded [Archives:2004/797/Local News]

December 9 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

A meeting was held at Illiteracy Eradication National Organization (IENO) Nov. 27.
The meeting was attended by Shawqi Al-Qadhi, Member of the Parliament, a number of pressmen and others who are interested in eradicating illiteracy.
They discussed the program of supporting the high achieving students- who got more than 90 per cent in all Taiz schools and universities. They also discussed preparations for the award celebration that will take place on Dec. 31.
During the meeting, Al-Qadhi stressed the vitality of the program that is sponsored by IENO in collaboration with some businessmen and establishments that are concerned with encouraging the high achieving students.
They will support those students with computers, enroll them in some courses, give them medical insurance cards, and follow their study.
The program's aim is to improve the students' skills and solve the social and financial problems that may hider their performance.
The meeting discussed the strategies of expanding the base of this program to include other provinces in order to effectively contribute to the development of education.