High school exam results announced [Archives:2006/986/Front Page]

October 2 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 28 ) Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal last Thursday inaugurated a ceremony announcing secondary education results for the 2005-2006 academic year. The Ministry of Education held the event at the Youth Palace in Sana'a.

Out of 163,955 students taking them, 135,171 passed the science and art exams, with an 83.5 percent success rate in science and 79.6 percent in arts. Female students achieved great success on the exams, as indicated by their domination in the top ranks. The highest score by this year's students was 99.12 percent, which exceeds previous years' highest scores.

Al-Saleh Charitable Organization announced that it will award a personal computer to the 117 top students, while the Minister of Higher Education indicated that the top students will be trained and awarded scholarships to continue their education overseas in various countries and disciplines to become trained in skills needed in Yemen.

In the ceremony, Bajammal gave a speech congratulating the students on their success, wherein he noted that educational development is one of the most fundamental objectives toward a more prosperous future, adding that the future of nations is made by their citizens through education and knowledge.

He further instructed the Minister of Education to step up measures to qualify human capital suitable with labor market needs. Bajammal added that the high school curriculum continues to develop on a regular basis in order to improve the content and context of learning and education for students.

In addition to the prime minister, the ministers of education, higher education, health and population and civil service, as well as numerous other government officials, attended the ceremony.