High Treason label for anti-national unity elements [Archives:2007/1084/Local News]

September 10 2007

SANA'A, Sept. 7 – In a statement circulated to media outlets last Tuesday, the Supreme Security Committee (SSC), chaired by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, warned against any practices disfavoring national unity.

“Any practices that harm national unity and jeopardize the national ranks unity by any party, organization, group or individual, shall be firmly confronted and perpetrators shall be referred to the judiciary for high treason,” the statement said.

This measure complies with the effective Yemeni constitution and laws applicable in the country, the statement claimed.

“The SSC has perceived some unconstitutional and illegal practices. It has seen that some elements who are malicious to the revolution, republicanism, and unity, chanted anti-national unity slogans and acted in a way that threatens the unity of national ranks, while rallying and demonstrating in some areas around the country,” the statement explained.

Out of its constitutional, legal and national responsibility, the SSC urges all citizens, and political parties and organizations to cooperate with local and security authorities in all Yemeni provinces in order to strongly stand against all elements that lift or chant slogans against the national unity or violate the constitution of the Republic of Yemen and national fundamentals, the statement added.

The SSC pointed out that such practices constitute a crime punishable under the law and constitution and threatened to refer the doers to Prosecution and try them for high treason. It further warned that should any political party, organization, group or individual lift or chant slogans against the national unity or call for disuniting national ranks, they would be tried on high treason charge.

The statement said the SSC would coordinate with the local authority and judicial enforcement agencies to take all measures to arrest those elements and bring them to court for trial.

On the other hand, Sana'a-based opposition sources said higher level instructions were issued to the effect of court-martialing retired Brig. Nasser Al-Nawbah, Chairman of Coordinating Council of the Military Pensioners Associations, and inflict him with military penalties.

This security measure comes after the State failed to contain the demonstrations and sit-ins staged by military pensioners across southern and eastern provinces, displaying anti-regime slogans and calling for redirecting the “Yemeni Unity's course.” The fiercest demo took place last Saturday and resulted in several deaths and injuries especially in Aden and Hadhramout.

The demonstrating pensioners took to the streets and demanded the full reinstatement of personnel forced to retire after 1994, settling their conditions as well as the conditions of servicemen and military personnel who quitted or were suspended prior to 1994. They also requested the examination of petitions filed by the pensioners and quitters whose properties had been confiscated on the same par as other social groups. The list of demands called for a solution to the pervasive unemployment among youth and enabling them to join universities, military academies, and institutes, and have out-of-country scholarships.