Hilal: Elections will change 80 percent of governors [Archives:2008/1151/Local News]

May 1 2008

By: Mahmood Assamiee
SANA'A, April 28 ) Minister of Local Administration Abdul-Qader Hilal expected that governors' elections, to be held on May 17, will result in changing 70-80 percent of governors, announcing that his ministry has completed all measures and documents needed for holding the elections. He added that a media center has been set up in the ministry for providing journalists with all available information and data, in compliance with the ministry's obligation to keep the elections transparent.

Hilal, who heads the Supreme Supervisory Committee for Electing Governors, said that the elections will enhance the economic role and provide investment environments in local authorities across the country. “The most prominent reflections of these elections will be transforming authorities from the central government to govern and transferring YR 42 billion from the national budget to governorates for carrying out their projects directly