Historic Monuments & Sites Project Completed [Archives:2001/48/Local News]

November 26 2001

The General Authority for Antiquities & Manuscripts has completed preparations for announcing the results of a program pertaining to the directory of the historical monuments and archaeological sites in Hadramaut valley within the next couple of days. The program was funded by the government of Italy at a cost of USD 500,000 according to an agreement between the World Bank and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Yemen.
The program includes a set of components such as preparing a record of photographs and information about the historical sites and monuments in Hadramaut valley, which exceed 400 sites. The program has also produced detailed maps which can be used for future excavations and renovation projects. In a statement to Saba News Agency, Dr. Yusef Abdu Abdalah, Chairman of the General Corporation for Antiquities & Manuscripts, said that the project had come within the policies and strategies aiming at preserving the national heritage, adding that the project will be a cornerstone for all surveys in the Republic of Yemen. Dr. Yusef noted that the Authority was planning to create two technical departments for documenting all historical sites and monuments at the headquarters of the Authority and its branch in Sayoun.