Historical palaces at risk because of earthquakes People in Hadramout flee their homes because of earthquake [Archives:2005/840/Front Page]

May 9 2005

By Saeed al-Batati
For The Yemen Times

6, May, Hadramout – Yemen Times: Although on Richter scale the shake was mild yet the people in Hadramout and al-Bayda feared for their life because of a slight earthquake on Friday evening around 3:10 according to Yemen Times reporter in Sayoun. Information from the National Center for Earthquakes Metrology said that a miner quake measured 5.3 degrees on the Richter scale hit Sah region of Hadhramout province yesterday evening and other slight quake hit southern west of Al-Byada province.

Basiher al-Jabri, who lives in Sayoun commented that the shakes caused rifts in old houses and the glass of some windows was shattered because of the shake.

People in Tarim left their houses for a while fearing the collapse of their homes. The social impacts of this issue are magnified because of the lack of awareness and the unavailability of emergency response in that area.It is worth mentioning that Tarim is one of Yemen's most tourist areas where there are ancient “al-Kaaf” palaces that are more than 500 years old. The palaces are in dire state and deserve great attention more than ever, with no maintenance or restoration, even the most mild earthquake could cause them to collapse and Yemen would lose one of its treasures for ever.