“History Faking” at the Al-Saeed Forum [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

A lecture titled “The crime of faking history” was delivered August 12th, by Dr. Raghib Al-Sarhani at the Al-Sa'eed Forum. The lecture was attended by Sheikh Abdul-Jabar Hail Sa'eed, Sheikh Abudl-Ghani Humaid, Dr. Abdullah Al-Thaifani, and a number of other university professors.
The lecturer, a professor of kidney and urinary tract anatomy at the University of Cairo, is interested in historical research. He reviewed history as a general theme and offered a summary of Islamic history with a special reference to the historical texts that did not have a firm basis in contemporary literature.
Discussions and questions took place at the end of the lecture between the attending professors and the audience.