Hodeidah businessmen angered by unjustified attack of security forces:Assault condemned [Archives:2003/659/Front Page]

August 14 2003

Farouq Moqbil
YT Hodeidah Bureau

Hodeidah, August 12 – The Hodeidah Businessmen and Merchants Association released a strong condemnation letter on Saturday denouncing the latest attack of security forces against the family of the association's vice chairman Haj Yousuf Abdulwadood at midnight on August 10 in Hodeidah City.
A group of armed men wearing military uniform had attacked the family of Haj Yousuf during a wedding ceremony of Yousuf's sons. “Those assaulters broke into the house with their weapons and sticks and turned the joyful wedding into misery… This is a serious human rights violation” the statement said.
“The house was full with women and children and those armed men attacked everyone who tried to stop them resulting in severe injuries to members of the family, who were taken to the hospital and are still in critical conditions.”
According to eyewitnesses, women started screaming and children crying when those armed gangs came into the house. “As if it was not enough, those supposedly security men started beating up whoever helps the victims reach the hospital, and they even beat those who visited the injured at the hospital, as some of the visitors were also arrested.” the statement added.
“We call upon all local and supreme authorities to immediately interfere and investigate this horrible incident and punish those responsible and whoever incited or stood by them.”
“Such brutal activities ruin our image and hamper efforts to support development and promote investment We demand a swift compensation for the assaulted family.”
“This is the first ever time that such a cruel act is carried out by seemingly security forces. I do not believe that those security forces are on duty. They may be gangsters wearing official uniform. This is more like the act of highwaymen who have no ethics or morals.” said one of the family members.
It is noteworthy that no such incidents took place in the city of Hodeidah in a long time. The city is considered to be among the safest in the country, and residents have expressed dismay and anger for bringing bad reputation to it in such a fashion.