Hodeidah markets are popularFish sector needs attention [Archives:2005/822/Business & Economy]

March 7 2005

By Abdulwahab Al Sofi
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

Nobody goes to Yemen's fish markets without wanting to visit it again. Fish markets in Hodeidah are the popular placec where persons can buy many kinds of fish and enjoy the fisheries.

The main fish market in Hodeidah is situated exactly next to the attractive anchor of fishing boats. In the early morning, swarms of people varied between among young and old people coexist. They come to either buy fresh fish or enjoy the fish anchor.

Others come to the market for working in the fish auction in which people can buy fish at cheap prices. People can buy many kinds of fish such as tuna, sword fish, lobster, shrimp, yellow fin, cuttlefish, red snapper, crabs, and other kinds of fish.

Fish is the best replacement of meat, as it is healthier.

Some fish is put under the burning sunshine at the boats' anchor, until it becomes dry enough to eat. It is called in Arabic language Lukham. This is a favorite food to Hadhramout people.

Meanwhile, fresh fish that is cooked called Salona, which is very popular in Hodeidah folk restaurant. It is so delicious that persons become addicted after just one taste.

In the morning, you can buy fresh fish and roast for lunch or breakfast, with local cheese mixed with paste of tomatoes, garlic, and green peppers. In addition to that, shrimp is a famous supper. We usually buy fresh shrimp from the market and have a very delicious dinner.

As soon as you arrive at the fish market, you realize that Allah's grace is there. Poor people and rich people can buy fish for food. The prices vary according to the kind and the freshness of fish.

We cannot but thank all anglers who bring different kinds of fish into our hands. Anglers live terrifying adventures in the sea with their boats, for weeks at a time. They sometimes lose their fishing boats or even their lives in sea storms.

Despite that, they do not get any support or compensation from the government. Fisheries are one of Yemen's greatest potential sources of wealth after oil. There are some fish exports to Europe and the Middle East.

They export frozen and fresh fish to many countries. It is unfair that government neglect this vital sector. Yemen would be a much happier place to live in if she could better utilize the natural resources such as fish wealth. Yemen is rich in many natural resources, but they will be useless unless every citizen can benefit from them.