Hodeidah Museum: Why does it remain closed? [Archives:2008/1158/Culture]

May 26 2008

Abdulhafeez Al-Hattami
For the Yemen Times

The Hodeidah Museum, once an attractive sight for local and international visitors, has been closed for 12 years now for unknown reasons. These days, nobody approaches the museum except for angry citizens protesting against the relevant authorities for ignoring the historical building, whose ancient windows and doors have become covered with rust and dust.

Nothing remains in the museum except for rust that tells the terrible story of the ancient building that has become dilapidated as a result of carelessness and indifference on the part of local authorities, as well as officials and government agencies concerned with culture and tourism.

Director of Hodeidah Antiquities Office, who allegedly claims that he is the museum manager and that 17 staff members are currently employed at the museum, pays no attention to the issue.

Two locks on an ancient door and a thick chain have prevented visitors from entering the building for 12 years. Tourists and local visitors are shocked when they pass by the museum and hear locals saying, “This three-story building is the Hodeidah Museum