Holocene period of Yemen explored [Archives:2006/962/Local News]

July 10 2006

SANA'A, July 8 ) With the participation of experts from Arkansas and Durham Universities, a joint US-British archeological team has started to explore some historical places in Dhamar, Marya district.

Dr. Abdullah Bawazir, chairman of General Authority for Antiquities and Museums, told Sept 26.net last Wednesday that this archaeological mission, along with students of the Antiquity Department in Dhamar University, will survey the different phases of stability in the area right from the Iron era to the Himirite era. Additionally, the team will study ceramics of the Himirite and Islamic eras. The exploration will further cover the whole period of the Holocene era (6000-4000 BC)

However, Dr. Bawazir denied the discovery of a city full of caves in Al-Jawf. He said that the cave discovered is not new for the authority and the primary information of the team sent to the area indicate there is nothing new. According to him, what is new regarding this matter is the entry of some locals into the cave which is a source of rumors as it is thought previously to be a place inhabited by jinn.