HOOD and Amnesty International Appeal to President over execution [Archives:2004/732/Local News]

April 26 2004

Amnesty International delivered an appeal to President Saleh, andalso the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Human Rights, calling for urgent intervention in the case of Foad Ali Muhsen Al-Shehary, who has been imprisoned in Taiz for more than 8 years on charges of killing a Political Security officer, Mohamed al-Amry, and has a death sentence has been issued against him. The prisoner claims that he did not shoot al-Amry.
Furthermore, Yemeni HOOD organization has appealed to President Saleh, Chief of the Supreme Judicial Council, to cancel the decision of the Supreme Court which designated the commercial circle to look into the case and for the Chairman of the Supreme Court not to violate the law. The appeal calls for the return of the case to the Supreme Court, criminal division, for reconsideration of the case and verdict.
The prisoner, Al-Shehary, in a letter addressed to President Saleh, affirmed that he is innocent of the charges filed against him and that the shots that killed al-Amry were not from his pistol.