HOOD asks for Al-Mudani’s release [Archives:2006/957/Local News]

June 22 2006

The National Foundation for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD) sent messages to the chairman of the Central Apparatus of Political Security, Brigadier Ghalib Al-Qamash, and Attorney General Abdullah Al-Ulfi asking them to intervene and gain the release of Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Al-Mudani if no charges are to be leveled against him.

The organization considers Al-Mudani's arrest as a violation of the constitution, which prohibits arbitrary arrest unrelated to criminal action. HOOD officials state that Yemeni law punishes officials who arbitrarily arrest innocent citizens with a term of five years imprisonment.

Press sources noted that members of Political Security kidnapped Al-Mudani)a fresh graduate of the faculty of medicine at Sana'a University)for unknown reasons.

Four males)operating out of a blue Suzuki Vitara and a Toyota Hilux)seized Al-Mudani on Qiyadah Street in the afternoon of June13 while he was with two of his brothers. His two brothers reported that four security personnel had tied him up, forced him into a car, and drove off to an unknown location.

Al-Mudani's family appealed to the government to allow them to visit him and to be informed with reasons for his arrest. They demanded that he be sent for trial in court if the Political Security has evidence incriminating him.

The family has also appealed to media organizations to intervene with the government to obtain the release of their son.

Al-Dastour, a government-financed newspaper, accused Al-Mudani being a backer of the Houthi rebellion.

Al-Mudani's father, an officer of the Interior ministry, refused to accuse any party of kidnapping his son. “I have no enmities with any party,” he said.