HOOD demands lift of Al-Jazeera ban [Archives:2004/773/Local News]

September 16 2004

The temporary Iraqi government appointed by the occupation forces has ordered the continuing closure of the “Algazirah” channel bureau in Baghdad, following the previous closing which was denounced by all the Rights and Journalism organizations operating in defense of human rights, opinions and freedom of expression.
“HOOD” organization which has previously denounced the temporary closure is again denouncing the procedure of closing for a further indefinite duration. The temporary Iraqi government's behavior is in conformity with the Arab psyche, brought up in curbing and dictatorship, and being unsatisfied by the disclosure of any information or news of its most aggressive behaviors towards human rights. Despite the temporary government's claims that it tenders a typical democracy so directly after the ruins of a totalitarian ruling failure, it remains under the occupying American leadership, which claims to be liberating Iraq, who accompanies them in administering Iraqs affairs today.
Therefore, “HOOD” reminds this temporary government of the typical democratic convention, it announces day and night, in which all the freedoms are to be preserved, on top of all, the right to obtain information. HOOD urges its release, and the enlightenment of public opinion by it, in hope, that its utterances are obliging to lift the closure and censorship of the “Algazirah” channel bureau in Baghdad, and to guarantee its participation in media activity.
Above provided by the Coordinator, Muhammd Naji Allaw, the Advocate.