HOPe Forum Celebrates Taha’s Memory [Archives:2002/04/Local News]

January 21 2002

The HOPe forum celebrated on January 18 the 17th anniversary of the famous Sudanese Arab Islamic scholar, Mr. Mahmoud Mohammed Taha. On the 18th of January 1985, Mr. Taha was hanged in Khartoum because of his religious and political beliefs. He was executed under ratification by the former Sudanese president Numairi and the Muslim fundamentalist movement.
The ceremony took place in Sana’a at Prof. al-Sharafi (former MP) residence and included an exhibition and a gathering of panel discussion attended by leaders of most of Yemeni political parties, social and cultural personalities, as well as the Sudanese opposition parties. Some foreign and Arab diplomats accredited to Yemen also attended festival on top of whom was the British Ambassador to Yemen.
Professor Mohammed Yahia al-Sharafi, the founder of HOPe theory inaugurated the panel discussion by saying: “It is a political assassination ….Butchering Ustaz Taha who was 76 and was the most ugly act of terrorism executed by Muslim fundamentalist movement against humanity and freedom…..He was brutally killed because of his modern enlightened religious opinions and courageous political beliefs…. This is the only intact and qualified Islamic modern ideologist to overcome and conquer the reactionary hypocrisy of the dark ages.
By Sheikh Ali Mutahar