Hope forum is to launch a new diploma course in programming the human optimal psyche (HOPe) [Archives:2005/846/Local News]

May 30 2005

The HOPe forum will start soon launching a new diploma a course : for programming the human optimal psyche called (The Hope Nero-Linguistic Psychological Programming). “many candidates have already registered their names,” said engineer Abd-Alrhaman Al-Oulfy, general secretary of the Sana'a based NGO the (HOPe)forum to ” Yemen Times”. He added that the course is derived from the human optimal psyche theory concepts that are mainly based upon the Islamic revival modern koranic interpretations deduced and adopted by Islamic Middle Contemporary School of thought that is calling for Islamic cultural revolution, and recently founded in Yemen and as well from modern human schools of psychology, neurology, medicine, Philosophy ,sociology, theology and other related sciences. It aims mainly to restructure the prevailing psychological state of the individual humans to be more balanced, harmonized and continuously developing internal tranquility , security, satisfaction and peace. It renders individuals to radiate these values and psychological healthy states of internal equilibrium to the external environment ,expressed in complete tolerance to other human mates, adding positively to the societal stability, security and peace. Answering to a question from Yemen Times , he said one of the major aims of this program is to fight terrorism by the proper ideological means , philosophy , psychology, and education. He said that the program is mainly composed by professor Mohammed Yahia Al-Sharafi , the eminent revivalist Arab Islamic philosopher, the senior neuropsychiatry consultant and lecturer and the founder of the Human Optimal Psyche ( HOPe) theory , a new personality theory carrying his own name.

He ended that the course is conducted in Arabic language for Moslems and non Moslems and the forum accepts cooperation with all NGOs and Yemen Times.

Worth mention that Yemen times has formerly published a series of pioneer articles titled “HOPe Is the only way to peace” written by Pro. Al-Sharafi.