HOPe is the Only Way to Peace (Part III) A Three-Dimension Structure and Multiple Personality Expressions [Archives:2002/02/Law & Diplomacy]

January 7 2002

Professor Mohamed Yahia Al-Sharafi*, MD, Former MP
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During the recorded history of the Homo Sapien race, since its appearance in this green planet, the earth, and from the day man started to be aware of himself and the environment surrounding him he has been faced by many mysteries and problems that need solutions.
Learning more about the laws governing matter and the nature of the universe and life including his own is vitally important for the human safety and happiness.
In our present epoch, we are now about ten thousand years away from the 1st human civilization known to be in the earth, and more than five thousand years of the Jewish calendar, and in the two thousand and two years of Anno Domino (AD) of Jesus Christ birth (peace upon him), and one thousand four hundred and twenty two years from the Hijrah (Immigration) of Prophet Mohammed (peace upon him), to Madinah and the constitution of the 1st Islamic community, and state.
Attempts to revise the human tasks fulfillments account make us very happy with our present knowledge and civilization. Today we proudly enumerate the great successes man has achieved during his long struggle with the powers of nature. We now know more about the nature and boundaries of both the macrocosmic and microcosmic universes. A great deal of the laws and mysteries of matter and its constituents and relations has been solved. This includes a wide range of outer space knowledge together with the scientific findings on the inner space fields, atoms, cells, micro organisms, genes, biochemistry etc.. All of these discoveries have made human life easier though not necessarily happier.
Yet, the most important secret of secrets is still a mystery. It seems that we are far away from understanding the real nature of ourselves. Until now the riddle of the human nature remains unsolved. The deep corridors of human personality remain in the dark and not lightened yet.
All the human activities are strangely dependent upon the human psyche. Motivations, inhibitions, emotions, thinking, volition, apprehensions and all other human functions could be more clear to us as we become nearer from understanding ourselves i.e. the constitution, the nature, and the objectives of our own human entity, together with the factors affecting it.
This knowledge, Ibelieve, will definitely affect all fields that we know, practice and develop including religion, culture, industry, politics, social relations, war and peace, health and disease, etc.
More human endeavor should be exerted for studying the human psyche, the normal state, the pathology and consequently management and prevention of all expected ailments of individuals and societies and the international community, safety and prosperity.
This is why I find it of great importance and interest to participate in the trials of human learning about our own psyche.
My HOPe (Human Optimum Psyche) theory, is no more than an attempt for deeper knowledge about the nature of existence including our own existence and properties and activities. The role of religion should be thoroughly investigated and understood. I think, that is a matter of utmost importance in our epoch since most of the human violence, aggression, peace, happiness, and terrorism is related to religion, both theoretical beliefs and behavioral practices. Strikingly, nearly all human wars and peace periods were religion affected and related.
The HOPe theory is not a mere academic scientific doctrine concerning specialized psychologists and psychiatrists and their relative neurologists, social scientists and the like, only. Although it is partly so, it also concerns all scholars, thinkers, intellectuals and even the public. It is an attempt to revive the Islamic thinking and expand and modernize the human understanding of the meanings of the holy Quranic scripture, the noble Sunnah of the Apostle Mohammed (peace upon him), and other related religions and ideologies and cultures.
For this reason I have initiated panel discussions of the HOPe theory in the Yemeni society. I found it very much responsive and positively reactive with the particulars of the ideology of the Cybernetics methodology and the HOPe theory. I would like to thank all the good courageous friends that I have found to be cooperative and even productive. One of them to mention in particular is brother Ahmad Kaid al-Aswady who has published a pioneering booklet in Arabic: The Destructive Idolism, describing and abandoning the new idols inhibiting and destroying our Yemeni and other human societies. I hope that this work will be available for English readers very soon.
Now if we continue the explanation attempts of our hypothesis about the functional structure of the human entity in a semi-detailed manner we find the four components spirit, psyche, physical body and personality to be as follows:
The Spirit
The spirit is a holy essence of our Lord, the Creator, Allah. It is a delicate fine, dainty and graceful secret of God. It is our direct relation and deep initial attachment to our Sustainer. It is non-man identified essence though present into him. It is eternal and does not perish after the physical death.
It is the powerhouse that gives the human entity the energy needed to perform all its activities.
It is the reservoir of all knowledge of all the beings and the universe permitted and presented to us by God to know all the names (knowledge):
And He imparted unto Adam the names of all things.. Surrah 2 Al-Baqarah verse No. 31.
The spirit is the disc or code containing our God orders. It is our credentials to become qualified as Homo-sapiens and recognized and obeyed by all other creature mates as the masters upon the orders of our Lord and according to His will:
And they will ask thee about the [nature of] Spirit, Say the Spirit is from my Sustainers order. And you have been granted very little [real] knowledge [to be capable of understanding its nature] Verse No 85 Surah No. 17 Al-Isra.
The term spirit (al-Rowh) and its derivatives has been mentioned in the Holy Quran twenty one times in twenty one verses; in twelve positions with a meaning related to God and in eight positions referring to the Angel Gibril, the messenger of God. On some occasions it is related to Gods spirit breathed into Adam, the father of the human race (peace upon him) and on some others it is referring to the Gods Spirit breathed unto Mary (peace upon her) related to Jesus Christ (peace upon him) and his creation. For more specific details refer to the Holy Quran text.
The Psyche
The Psyche or the soul is the first and original responsible human entity. It is the expression of the Spirit [of the Sustainer] breathed into the clay. It exists after death. It is eternal and does not perish by the physical death. It is a very delicate light body, composed of an essence different from that one composing the physical body. It has three dimensions, length, width and height. It has a weight but a very light one similar to weighing light rays. For that it could be called a body, the psychic body.
The Psyche has the form of the physical human. To each individual physical cell there is a corresponding individual psychic cell called the intelligence of the physical cell, [this piece of information helps explain many medial phenomena e.g. blood clotting which takes place at the cellular level suggesting that apprehension and intelligence is practiced at that very elementary level].
The psyche is the real human that possesses the will power and governs all the human being constituents and activities. At ordinary awakening life the psychic body inhabits the physical body, coinciding with it congruently. But it projects outside the physical body in two conditions:
a) During sleep:
The psychic body projects outside the physical body but reserves an attachment with it through a special connection called the psychic umbilical cord that is mainly probed to the heart. Through that attachment the psyche manages to maintain the basic vital human functions, such as the heart beat, blood pressure, metabolism brain functions etc.. This described form of sleep projection is true in all similar cases of coma and loss of consciousness.
The type of psychic projection induces different types of dreams which we hope to discuss and explain in later issues.
b) At the incidence of death:
The psychic body projects outside the physical body and never comes back to rejoin it. The psychic umbilical cord is severed and cut, complete irreversible detachment and death occurs.
Modern Near Death Experience (NDE) medical scientific research together with parapsychological research proves that.
The Holy Quran teaches that the psyche (soul) is taken by God in these two incidences, death and sleep:
It is Allah that deceases [all human psyches] souls at the time of their [physical] death and deceases those who did not die during their sleep, though He withholds [from life] those upon whom He has decreed death and let the others go free for a term set [by Him], in all this behold there are messages indeed for people who think. Verse No. 42 Surrah No. 39 Az-Zumar.
The Physical Body
The physical body is a well organized machine, anatomically and functionally. For details one can refer to a medical physiology text book. It is important to indicate here that it acts as a vehicle and a laboratory to the psyche.
The psyche governs all activities it needs, sensational or behavioral, operating through and from the physical body. All data and information and knowledge the human entity attains during its life will be registered in the psyche. This knowledge gain seems to be the actual purpose of life. It will never be rubbed out or deleted from the psyche and remains inside it after death.
The mechanism of action by which the human entity achieves its goals is as follows:
The psyche orders the heart, then the heart orders the brain, each hemisphere (right or left) as needed separately, then the brain orders the body. Each order for action is very accurately registered. This subject matter will be discussed fully in later issues.
The Personality
Personality is derived from the Latin stem word, Persona meaning the mask wared by the actors in the medieval and renaissance theatres. It is actually a mask of the human entity inside us. One can always change his mask and possesses as much masks as he needs.
The personality is the expression of the human entity in both theoretical (opinions, emotions, intentions.. etc.) and practical (behavioral including speech and gestures etc..) means. It is like, the finger print, very specific to the human individual. One human can develop multiple, sometimes contradictory personalities. The personality is the summation of ones attitudes, entity and opinions. It is not an essence but it is a symptom for the combination of the three essences constituting the human behavior, the spirit, the psyche and the physical body.
After physical death the two eternal essences: the spirit and the soul remain while the two other components: the physical body and the personality perish (ashes to ashes).
To be continued
* A known Yemen Arab Islamic scholar and writer. Senior neuropsychiatric consultant and lecturer. Politician and former member of the elected first unity parliament. Founder of the HOPe, Modern Personality Theory and the cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place methodology.
What is HOPe
*HOPe, the Human Optimum Psyche or al-Sharafis Theory is a modern personality theory.
*HOPe is based on al-Sharafis new epistemological methodology called: Cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place.- The three dimensions being the Holy Quran, the Cosmos and the Human Psyche.
*HOPe is defined as: The state of highest integrity of psychobiochemical functions stable enough to transmit peaceful feelings and constructive behavior to the external environment- both physically and socially.
*HOPe is the common target of all human philosophies, sciences, cultures, civilizations and religions.
*HOPe materializes an ideology for Islamic revival based upon contemporaneous modern interpretations of the eternal Holy Quranic verses and the Prophet nobel Sunnah.
*HOPe is the convergence point of the three great Abraham monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
*HOPe is a vital preparatory phase for the ideal cosmopolitant human being that emits peace and love and respects the international values of human rights, democracy, freedom, justice and cooperative peaceful co-existence