HOPe is the Only Way to Peace (Part V) Cosmic Laws, Protein Synthesis, HOPe and Peace are forms of Islam [Archives:2002/04/Law & Diplomacy]

January 21 2002

Professor Mohamed Yahia Al-Sharafi*,
MD, Former MP
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PO Box: 19387, Sanaa, Yemen
Cosmic Creation and the Holy WORD
In the very far past, and before the beginning of neither boundaries and skies nor time and space, where nothing was beyond; there existed only the one eternal holy God, the Sustainer, Allah. He said, I was a hidden [secret] treasure. I have decided and willed to be known. Then I have created the creation and made Myself known to them. And by my virtue they have known me.
There is no existence beside God. So, every thing has descended from God and created by Him. Initially it has started from Him and lastly it will go back to Him, so its destiny is to obey Him.
Are then they, not aware of how God creates in the first instance and then brings it forth anew. This verily is easy for God! Say go all over the earth and behold how [wondrously] the creation have started in the first instance; and thus too will God bring into being the other formation. Verily God has the absolute power to will any thing. (29:19,20)
Modern cosmology reveals that our universe has originated, about 20 billion years ago, by the big bang; an event that has initiated time and space from one point like dot which is described by science philosophers as being infinitely dense and infinitely small.
Infinitely dense refers to a matter formation that is as heavy in weight and abundant in mass as the equivalent amount of matter present in the whole universe. But infinitely small gives the opposite sensation, i.e. it is minus infinitely and consequently it is nullified and not existing.
To my opinion this strange unique description is truly applicable to only one thing; that must be a word. I think the WORD of God, carrying his eternal orders, could be so weighable and strong in effects yet unseen as a corporeal or embodied being.
We, the monotheistic believers, the followers of Abraham creed, know more about that WORD. The source of our knowledge and enlightenment comes from the same eternal One God, Allah. He has inspired all his Apostles to mankind as He has inspired the Holy Quran to our Prophet Mohammed, (peace upon them all).
What I mean is all His Apostles, through time and place, those whom we know about and those whom we dont know about. The holy Quran dictates this meaning of unity of the source of inspired enlightened knowledge very clearly, no one of us is authorized to hoard and withhold a monopoly over the Divine source of knowledge.
BEHOLD, We have inspired thee just as we inspired Noah and all the Prophets after him-as we inspired Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants, including Jesus and Job, and Johan and Aaron and Solomon and as we vouchsafed unto David a book of written divine wisdom. And as We inspired other Apostles whom We have mentioned to thee ere this, as well as, apostles whom We have not mentioned to thee, and as God spoke His word unto Moses. Apostles as heralds of glad tidings and as warners, so that, men might have no excuse before God after these apostles: and God is indeed almighty wise. (4:163,164,165)
The Two Forms of Islam
Islam is not new in the universe. Actually it is more ancient than all universes. The term Islam (derived from the Arabic verb Aslama), means complete obedience without resistance to God dominance. The Holy Quran teaches us that Islam has two forms or expressions.
The first form is the obligatory or general Islam to God, His dominance, orders and rules governing all His creatures; i.e. His WORDS. No single atom, or even smaller existence, neither greater in this universe can ever escape it. The holy Quran says:
And He applied his design to the skies, which were yet but smoke, and He said to them and to the earth come [into being], both of you willingly or unwillingly! To which both responded, We do come in obedience. (41:11)
That WORD of God started all the creation. The holy Bible says: In the beginning the WORD was. Verse 1, chapter 1 (Acts of apostles)
In the same manner, the holy Quran says: His being alone is such that when he wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, Be- and it is (36:82)
This obligatory general form of Islam governs all the microcosmic and macrocosmic unconscious universes. These include living biological organisms but excluding the conscious human entity.
This Islam is the continuos obedient fulfillment of all the creation to Gods calls and orders as He dictated by His eternal WORD, Be, they are obligatory and ruled by strict mathematical relations. Once Jesus Christ said about prophet king David (peace upon them) as he was teaching his disciples: David said (about the earth and skies) that God has enrolled them subduelly in orders which they can never misobey.
About this general Islam Quran says:
Do they seek perchance a faith other than in God, although it is unto Him that whatever is in the heavens and on earth surrenders itself willingly or unwillingly. Since unto him all must return. (3:83)
The other form of Islam is the special Islam i.e. that willful expression of obedience to God, by worshiping Him, and compliance with His rules respecting His regulations and organization etc. And spreading peace all over the environment.
About the special Islam God says in the Holy Quran And who could be of better faith than he who surrenders his wholebeing unto God and is a doer of withal and follows the creed of Abraham who turned away from all that is false and worshiped God faithfully; seeing that God exalted Abaraham with his love. (4:125)
This is only done by constituting the human optimum psyche (HOPe) i.e. establishing and maintaining intrapsychic harmony and peace then radiating this harmony and peace and constructive behavior to the external environment, expressing goodness and love to all creations of God. The holy Quran says:
Consider the human entity and how it is formed balancedly [or optimally] in accordance with what it is meant to be and how He [God] hath imbued it with its [both] abilities for proactivity and its [ideal reactivity] cautiousness. To a happy state shall indeed attain he who causes it to ascend in purity. And truly lost is he who hides [buries] it in darkness. (91:7,8,9,10)
All the levels of cosmic formations co-ordinate to constitute life and maintain it. Rules governing their behavior grow marvelously more complex as they raise up the evolutionary ladder. Yet with perfection they express Gods deep wisdom. The best example for that is the intracellular process of protein biosynthesis.
Proteins, too, seem to be WORDS of God. They are formed of special letters called amino acids, or the letters of life. There are 20 amino acids, or biological letters, known in nature.
Protein Synthesis is a form of General Islam
With accuracy and control the cell obeys God WORD and manufactures protein molecules under the direction of DNA and through the following four steps: (see photograph)
1- The process begins in the nucleus as DNA unwides in the region of a gene – a segment of DNA that holds instructions for building a particular protein. The exposed segment of the DNA acts as a pattern for the formation of a chemical substance relative of DNA, called messenger RNA (mRNA).
The particular protein message is encoded in the sequence of bases that form the mRNA. The bases fall into three-part units called codons. Each codon represents one of the 20 different amino acids present in nature, the basic materials of bricks forming the protein molecule.
2- The mRNA bearing its coded message, travels out of the nucleus and into the cells gelatinous cytoplasm. Here it encounters the factory or the assembly units called the ribosomes and the process of protein synthesis begins.
3- Small molecules called transfer RNA (tRNA) present in the cytoplasm, decode the message carried by the mRNA. These tRNA decoders move towards the assembly site. One end of each tRNA matches a codon on the mRNA. The other end tows an amino acid corresponding to that codon.
4- The ribosome moves along the mRNA and translates the message one codon at a time, calling upon the appropriate tRNAs to add their amino acids to the formed growing protein chain.
5- When the ribosome reaches a stop signal on the mRNA the protein chain will be completed and released
Ribosomes operate with remarkable efficiency. In just one second the human body completes about 500 trillion (5×1020, i.e. the figure 5 with twenty zeros in front of it) faultless copies of hemoglobin, a protein containing more than 570 amino acids.
The Special Islamic Religion
God calls on man to give Him obedience willingly and choose that good Islamic religion expression consciously, the same way as all unconscious cosmos of the universe have entered subduelly to His obligatory Islam. If man does that he shall live in eternal peace as all universes do.
Even this special Islamic religion is not new. It is as old as the father of humanity, Adem (Peace upon him); the holy Quran says In matters of faith He has ordained for you that which He had enjoined upon Noah and into which we gave thee (O Mohammed) insight through revelation – as well as that we had enjoined upon Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus: steadfastly uphold the true faith, and do not break your unity therein. (And even though) that (unity of faith) to which thou callest them appears oppressive to those who are wont to ascribe to other beings or forces ashare to His divinity. God draws unto Himself everyone who is willing and guides unto Himself everyone who turns unto Him. (42:13)
Prophet Mohammed (peace upon him) says:The best that myself and all apostles of God who came before me have brought is the truthful word, no other god besides Allah.
Islam to God is the message of all prophets of God. They do not differ in the essence of Islam as a religion of God, but they vary in their Shariea legislations or canon laws of scripture. Each one of those apostles (peace upon them) brings legislation according to his time, needs and the standard of his nation. For that Islam religion is old but the understanding of it is changeable according to the reign of time.
As we enter the third millennium our traditional Islamic thinking needs revival, updating, and modernization. Islam is the religion that complies with the innate Gods natural creation, Al-Fitrah. If our thinking raises up to reach the standards of this Fitrah, the value shared by all people of the world – Yellow, White, Black and Red – without any apartheid tendencies or differentiations according to region, language, or race; then, without doubt, all humanity shall gather together under that Fitrah Islamic umbrella.
This is only expressed as a common pan-human denominator, the human optimum psyche (HOPe). Then, and then only, emerges the new peaceful world that is inhabited by free men and women whose hearts are purified from hatred and grudge and their minds are free from ridicule and myth.
are from all regions of our globe. With fraternity and love they peacefully coexist and cooperate. They will be devoted for the creation of beauty in themselves and their environment. For that they will become the masters of our world. Through them life gradually ascends till it becomes a glorious garden merging new flowers ad new fruits everyday. That day seems to be very near.
On that day, the special Islam of the human optimum psyche (HOPe), will converge with the general Islam of cosmic rules and protein synthesis and, of course, the beauty of peace and just enjoyed by all men and women will be the most eminent feature of our promising, beloved new world, insha Allah.
To be continued

* A known Yemen Arab Islamic scholar and writer. Senior neuropsychiatric consultant and lecturer. Politician and former member of the elected first unity parliament. Founder of the HOPe, Modern Personality Theory and the cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place methodology. 
What is HOPe
*HOPe, the Human Optimum Psyche or al-Sharafis Theory is a modern personality theory.
*HOPe is based on al-Sharafis new epistemological methodology called: Cybernetics as per the three dimensional readings in time and place.- The three dimensions being the Holy Quran, the Cosmos and the Human Psyche.
*HOPe is defined as: The state of highest integrity of psychobiochemical functions stable enough to transmit peaceful feelings and constructive behavior to the external environment- both physically and socially.
*HOPe is the common target of all human philosophies, sciences, cultures, civilizations and religions.
*HOPe materializes an ideology for Islamic revival based upon contemporaneous modern interpretations of the eternal Holy Quranic verses and the Prophet nobel Sunnah.
*HOPe is the convergence point of the three great Abraham monotheistic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
*HOPe is a vital preparatory phase for the ideal cosmopolitant human being that emits peace and love and respects the international values of human rights, democracy, freedom, justice and cooperative peaceful co-existence