Hope to Lift Ban on Travel to Yemen [Archives:1999/45/Front Page]

November 8 1999

SANAA: The Yemeni government had called European countries through their Ambassadors to Yemen to lift the travel ban that has been devastating the tourism sector for almost a year. The request was made at a meeting at the Foreign Ministry attended by the Ambassadors of Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France, and representatives of private sector tourism agencies. 
The government had confirmed to the ambassadors that a number of strict measures had been taken and would soon be implemented to protect tourism and foreign tourists in Yemen. 
The government had invited the ambassadors to the Foreign Ministry to help encourage their citizens to visit Yemen and extended an open invitation to European countries and other states to invest in the tourism sector. Several western countries have issued heightened warnings on travel to Yemen after a spate of kidnapping of foreigners. The U.S. State Department issued a travel warning on Yemen on October 21 with the excuse that the level of risk for foreigners in Yemen is very high. The commonwealth countries have also issued a similar warning for the same reason.