Hopes in the sky [Archives:2007/1045/Community]

April 26 2007

By: Salem Abbod Salem Basuhai
[email protected]
B.A. in English literature

Candle in the sky,

Never let you die.

It gives you hope to fly,

But hope that shall never stop,

Since there is a candle in the sky.

Scatter and shine, more and more.

Between having and giving up,

Focus on hope and let it continue.

With smile and worry the same,

Giving more hope and hiding,

As it will happen in time.

Hopes fulfilled refresh your mind

And give a way to a bright future,

But that candle in the sky,

Never let it die.

More and more candles in the sky

Present the various hopes of various people,

From the worst to the best,

To their deepest of feelings

For health, wealth and wife.

And that search for happiness is everywhere,

But the true feelings of hope never stop.

Until your last whisper,

And even death should not interrupt it.

It transfers to eternal life,

Since there is a candle in the sky

That never lets you die.

Here and Hereafter will always be the same.

Those who are given God's grandeur

Consider being different

For the Eternal One remains.

As hopes are always different,

Hopes are always candles in the hand.

And since it is God's gift,

Be sure that no one forbids it.