Host Kills Guest [Archives:2003/693/Local News]

December 8 2003

Of the crimes resulting from quarrels among people is the use of the most despicable to put an end to the lives of their rivals.
An example of this is what Mohammed Ghalib Al-Shar'abi, of Al-Rawdhah District, Usaifirah, Taiz, did last Friday evening, 5/12/2003. He allured his rival, Mohammed Yahya Qasim into coming to his house to a Qat session, and at 1 o'clock after midnight, shot him in the face using his pistol. Brigadier General, Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Al-Olofi, Chief of Security of the Governorate of Taiz, Usaifirah District, instructed that an immediate investigation be conducted and criminal brought to justice. The killer was put in central prison in Taiz.